Bespoke Polished Concrete for Interior & Exterior Cast In-Situ Projects; Concrete Worktops, Outdoor Concrete Kitchen’s, Concrete Furniture, Concrete Surfaces, Architectural Concrete Detailing, Fire Surrounds & Hearths, Feature Walls, Landscape & Hardscape Furniture Design. We Also Produce Small Batches of Visual Concrete Products.

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Custom Concrete Worktops: Tailored to Your Vision

At Conscious Forms, every concrete worktop is a bespoke masterpiece, meticulously crafted to your exact specifications. From the form and aggregates to coloured pigments, surface finish, branding, and lighting – it's all in your hands. Our skilled craftsmen excel in casting seamless polished concrete worktops, regardless of their length, shape, or size.

We pour concrete in-situ using custom-made formwork that rests atop your existing kitchen or bar cabinets. Our signature touch is the delicate burnishing of the concrete with a hand trowel. This process creates a warm, natural, stone-like handcrafted patina that adds a unique charm to each worktop.

Versatile Concrete Worktop Design

Our concrete worktops offer versatility. Statement features like 'waterfall' end panels and cantilevered bar stool seating can seamlessly become functional sculptures. In-situ cast sinks, splash-backs, mantles, fire surrounds, hearths, table tops, shelving, and benches can all be cast on-site.

You can choose from various thickness options, including 55mm-80mm, and we can create worktops in any shape or form you desire. Floor return end panels smoothly integrate with the worktop or bar top. Personalize your finish with a choice of chamfered 45-degree corners/edges or a square 'pencil edge' profile with a 3mm rolled edge.

Terrazzo Aggregates for Creative Design

Explore a vast array of options for terrazzo worktops, concrete products, and landscape design. From shingle to recycled marble chips, coloured pebbles to recycled crushed glass, and decorative stones, the choices are boundless. These aggregates are perfect for achieving an exposed, ground-back, and polished aggregate terrazzo look, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life.

Durable Furniture & Sustainable Landscape/Hardscape Concrete

Our focus is on both longevity and sustainability. In our bespoke concrete furniture and landscape/hardscape designs exemplified in the QEOP Blossom Project memorial benches, we prioritise durability. We incorporate reclaimed hardwood timbers and utilise recycled marble and glass aggregates to create intricate terrazzo concrete details, adding sustainability to the essence of our landscape furniture and architectural hardscape design.

Artisanal Precast Concrete Creations

At our CF studio workshop, we specialise in crafting bespoke and limited-edition sculptural concrete products in small batches. With over 19 years of experience in mould making and concrete casting, we meticulously create refined precast concrete items under the CF brand. Our expertise extends to collaborating with both commercial and residential spaces, resulting in award-winning ranges, including lighting, loudspeakers, fire surrounds, park furniture, and more – all celebrating the beauty of concrete and form. Additionally, we offer the option to seamlessly incorporate lighting elements into our concrete creations when specified.

Custom Precast Concrete Solutions

Our workshop specialises in crafting select precast worktops, splash-backs, sinks, and other bespoke products. Reach out to us to discuss your precast needs. Additionally, we offer expertise in Engineered Cementitious Compound concrete (ECC) and glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) for precast decorative concrete cladding solutions. GFRC facilitates lightweight concrete casting with panels that can be thin yet remarkably strong, eliminating the need for steel reinforcement. Contact us to explore your concrete project possibilities.

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