In-situ Cast Concrete Worktops, Surfaces, Furniture, Architectural and Precast Concrete Products

CF’s craftsmen and artisans are experts in casting seamless polished concrete worktops of any length, shape or size. We pour in-situ into custom made formwork constructed on top of existing kitchen or bar cabinets. Statement features like vertical returns on end panels and cantilevered overhangs can also be seamlessly integrated into the design to create outstanding pieces of functional sculpture, with a warm natural patina.

Worktop splash-backs, in-situ cast sinks and interior design features like mantles, hearths, table tops, shelving and benches can also be cast seamlessly in-situ.

Bespoke Concrete Design and Incorporated Lighting Channels

Each design is built to our client's unique specification. The form, aggregates, colour, surface finish, branding and lighting can all be bespoke. Statement features like vertical returns on end panels and cantilevered overhangs for bar stool-seated areas can also be seamlessly integrated into the design to create outstanding pieces of functional sculpture.

Concrete Form

• Most popular thickness ranges are 55mm-60mm and 65-80mm.
• Any thickness, shape or form can be cast.
• Floor return end panels can flow seamlessly into the worktop or bar top.
• Choice of chamfered 45 degree edges or square profile with 2mm rolled edge.

Aggregates for Worktops and Concrete Products

Shingle, marble, coloured pebbles, recycled glass, decorative stone the choices are endless. Great if you require an exposed ground back and polished aggregate aesthetic.

Concrete Colours and Finishes

• Antique white.
• Standard grey.
• Black oxide pigments can be added to create varying shades of grey.
• Coloured pigments are also available and can be mixed with the black oxide to create warmer or colder shades of grey.
• The worktops are crafted to a flat, smooth, lightly burnished finish by hand trowel as standard.
• Rustic hand trowel finish or refined hand trowel finish.
• A natural cement grey finish with no aggregate exposed.
• Semi ground exposing fine and small aggregate within.
• Fully ground to expose the larger aggregate within.
• Text and branding can be cast into the face edge of our worktops, or bar-tops.
• Polish and seal; CF worktops are sealed with a penetrating sealant, waxed and then polished to the desired sheen or no sheen. The choice is yours.

Precast Concrete Products

CF studio workshop manufactures small batches of bespoke and limited edition sculptural concrete products. With 16 years of mould making and concrete casting experience, CF produces refined bespoke precast concrete products under own CF brand and for the commercial and residential spaces. CF have successfully produced award winning a ranges of lighting, loudspeaker’s, furniture and products that celebrate concrete and form. We can incorporate LED lighting elements into concrete where specified.

Selected precast worktops, splash backs, sinks and other bespoke products are produced in our workshop; please contact to discuss your precast requirements. We also work with glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) for precast decorative concrete cladding solutions. GFRC enables concrete casting with a significant reduction of weight. GFRC panels can be quite thin but are strong and robust and can be manufactured without the need for steel reinforcement. Please contact us to discuss your concrete project.

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