Conscious Forms - Bespoke Concrete Pebble Stool

Conscious Forms - concrete bubble1
Conscious Forms - concrete bubble detail

Project: This intriguing concrete stool demonstrates an innovative construction/cladding process that creates a degree of softness in organic/geometric concrete form. The interlocking organic segments invites you to touch the smooth tactile pebble like concrete texture. The form and texture of each individual 'stone' plays with common perceptions of what is soft? And what is hard? This technique can be used for bespoke indoor or outdoor furniture, benches, seating areas or as a table top, wall cladding, fireplaces and/or fire plinths/hearths. Each ‘pebble’ is constructed from individual sacks of glass fibre reinforced concrete.


Specification: Sculptural stool / plinth with soft organic aesthetic. 


Architect: CF


Location: CF Studio

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